Thursday, July 7, 2011

Accepting an Organ Transplant

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My biggest struggle with being on the lung transplant list is that someone has to pass in order for me to get lungs. I have thought about this for months, perhaps years since my father had a lung transplant 9 years ago. No matter what, it is still a tough situation to process. I have met a few earth angels along the way that have given me ways to accept this so I should pony up, take the positive and run with it. The only thing is that this is very difficult. I have had to come to the computer four times already trying to write this entree. This is so difficult to put into words.

The best example I could use is that if I had met anyone with any of my cousin Teddy's or niece Patricia's organs it would have comforted me. Unfortunately too much time lapsed for them to give organs because of the way they passed. The comfort and joy that I believe I would feel if I knew my relatives would have given others a second chance in life is what helps me to accept this gift for myself. I was able to process these feelings better when they were for my father but it is very different to internalize for myself.

This is assuming that the organs I receive are from someone who has registered as an organ donor. Now imagine getting organs from someone who was never on the list. These dedicated employee's that work for UNOS make calls to families during the worse times of their lives. These people are grieving and making arrangements for their loved one's passing they are asked to save other people's lives through organ transplantation.

Ignite your passion 

Ability is about more than skill. Ability is about more than knowledge.
Though skill and knowledge and experience are important, there's something even more powerful that drives ability. It is passion.
If you do not have a strong desire, fueled by passion, it doesn't really matter how much skill you have. If you lack passion, it doesn't matter how much experience or knowledge you have.
When you are truly passionate, that brings your skills and knowledge to life. When you are truly passionate, even if you lack sufficient skills you will find a way to acquire them.
Passion compels and enables you to connect with whatever is necessary to express and fulfill that passion. Passion pushes you into action, and supplies the energy for perseverance.
What are the things that ignite your passion? It's well worth your time and effort to know exactly what they are.
 -- Ralph Marston
Celebrate Life,

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