Thursday, June 23, 2011

On Transplant List

(The original date of this post was 10/29/2010.  Imported from Gosh, I have been procrastinating on posting and now that I actually am sitting down to post I am overwhelmed by everything. I guess writing what I am about to say is another way of having to face the reality of my health and my life.

It is 6 years this month that I am on oxygen. I am now on the organ transplant list and I am waiting for two lungs. A lot of life has transpired in the last 6 years and I could never recap it all but I must say that I have put my best foot forward and have lived my life with a zest like never before. Out of the last 5 years, this past year has been the most challenging of all. I am unable to play volleyball and get around as before. I basically stay at home and wait for assistance to go shopping, to clean my home, for meals and any leisure activities outside my home. However, let me tell you what I can do!

I can keep my positive attitude.
I can keep a smile on my face.
I can keep working out at my pulmonary rehabilitation sessions.
I can keep making goals and visualize them.
I can keep making affirmations and I can pray.
I can keep working towards making myself stronger before surgery so I can come out stronger from it.

Decide to enjoy

Even the most difficult work feels easy when you let it flow from your heart. You can take on the most complicated and challenging tasks with effortless ease when you let go of your resistance to them.

Do you feel resentment about what you must do? If so, you're only making it more difficult and unpleasant.
Can you choose instead to feel sincere gratitude for the opportunity to get it done? Of course you can, and by so doing you dramatically improve your performance.
If the effort feels disagreeable, that's only because you want it to feel disagreeable. And why exactly would you want that?
Resentment and resistance will only bring you down, and cause you to work longer at doing what you don't want to do. Yet it is always within your power to make a positive change.
Decide to enjoy what you're doing, and just like magic you'll suddenly be doing what you enjoy. Not only that, you'll be doing a much better job of it.
-- Ralph Marston
Celebrate Life,

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