Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why organ transplant

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Days after I was on the organ transplant list I made a list of reasons for myself as to why I should be on the list. For some reason my life experience, lab test results and internal suffering was not enough. I had to see it on paper in order to try and justify it to myself.
I have been on oxygen 24/7 since the end of June 2010. So I keep at a level that is good enough for me just sitting or laying down. If I have to stand up or move or talk I have to adjust the level higher.
This was a list I created months ago:
Moving in bed, walking to the bathroom, brushing my teeth, bathing, talking and standing up. I kept telling myself, this is not normal Alma. It may be part of my world and others dependent on oxygen supplementation but it certainly is not normal. Nor are the coughing spells I go into. I can cough anywhere from 3 to 4 minutes to 20 to 25 minutes. These spells come from anything. Sometimes it is from exertion where I did not get enough oxygen, sometimes it could be the weather. Be it humidity, heat, cold or wind. It could be pollen, dust, perfume or scents. People with IPF (Interstitial Pulmonary Fibrosis) are hyper-sensitive to many smells.

No limit

There is no limit to how much love your heart can hold. So put a little more love in your life right now.
There is no limit to how much beauty you can admire. So make a point in each moment to see some new beauty you've never noticed before.
There is no limit to how much joy you can experience. So go ahead and feel the joy that lives inside, as you generously let it flow out to the whole world.
There is no limit to kindness, to hope, or to faith. There is no limit to the goodness and value that you can imagine.
Though some things in this world are occasionally in short supply, there is no limit to the best things in life. There is no limit to what really matters.
Treasure those good things that have no limit. For there is no limit to the richness they can bring.
-- Ralph Marston
Celebrate Life,

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