Monday, October 17, 2011


Great news, moving forward my bronchs will be done an Interventional Pulmonologist at Duke.  Here is what I found out.
Interventional pulmonologist are kind of in the middle of traditional pulmonologist and thorasic surgeons.  Interventional pulmonology is a fairly new subspecialty of pulmonology, whereas specially trained  pulmonologist with a focus on diagnostic and therapeutic techniques in airway and pleural disorders to treat many patients traditionally served by thoracic surgeons. 

Here is a link to Duke's Pulmonary Intervention Program and more importantly for me is the following:
In this program, Duke has a dedicated bronchoscopy suite, fully equipped with the most advanced flexible bronchoscopic tools, fluoroscopy, digital imaging, and pathology support. The suite is staffed by full-time bronchoscopy staff with advanced nurses and respiratory therapists specifically dedicated to assisting with bronchoscopies.  (Direct quote from the site.)

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